Friday, 11 July 2008

Edible wild plants in Vienna


Plantain major

I am looking for edible wild plants in Vienna. Yesterday I went out just around my house for around 15min, in our suburban setting and found more than 30 species, a quarter of which I think are edible.

The species were (portuguese/english/scientific name):

? (muito comum e grande, daqui)
tanchagem, plantain, Plantago major * (edible seeds, cooked, and leaves, but bitter)
? (muito comum, em tofo, daqui)
leituga, cos lettuce, Lactuca sativa longifolia (edible leaves, bitter, but mildly toxic)
trevo cor branco
milefólio, yarrow, Achillea millefolium * (edible leaves, solely in small amounts, can cause alergies)
dente de leão, dandelion * (edible leaves)
brassica *?
trevo cor rosa
?(felpuda, cresce alto, comum em braga)
? (mto comum em braga nos campos)
rúcula ** (edible leaves, but a very spicy flavour)
artemísia, mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris * (leaves are medicinal, edible but is poisonous in large amounts)
? (umbelífera comum aqui)
? (cenoura silvestre ou semelhança à angélica) *?
cardo rosa
roseira silvestre
potentilla rasteira
? (arbusto com folhas cor avermelhadas)
? (trepadeira parece ervilha)
? (arbusto cheio de sementes secas)
? (trepadeira semelhante a maracujá)
madressilva ?
jasmim ?
chicória *
acácia (invasiva de cá)
? (aquela semelhante a ácer)
? (aquela que nasce mto cá na varanda)

*More photos in soon*

Now a single tomato plant, with 107 tomatoes

One hundred of small cherry-type tomatoes in a single plant in our balcony in Vienna!

Below a detail of the building where we live in.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tomato plant with 57 fruits!

We have a tomato plant producing already 57 tomatoes!
It's growing in a very small balcony, this is thanks to compost.