Saturday, 14 March 2009

New garden project!

A new space, a new forest garden!

In beginning, bare soil and planting...

Very pleasant the place, humid but within buildings, so little sun

Am I an obsessed gardener? (hundreds of seed packs!)

Crazy and inspired by Fukuoka, Mollisson and Hozler ideas, I mixed dozens of different species of seeds and planted them altogether!

Finally, we have changed our residence and now we have a large garden, in a semi-shadow location, in the city.

Today I have already planted dozens of vegetables, lettuce, spinach, carrots, radish, beets, peas, celery, turnips, chicory, rucula and, of course, wild flowers.
Tomorrow I will plant, inspired in the ideas of Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer and of Bill Mollison, a permaculture garden, particularly a forest garden, since I have places in the garden in sun, in partial shadow, and in total shadow beneath some few pine-trees and cedars.

I have mixed in a small dish more than 40 species of plants which I will then throw to sow directly into the ground in diverse places of the garden!! these include several vegetables, flowers, cereals, legumes and others that atract beneficial insects and care for the soil.

Have a look at the photos!
Grow our own food is a revolution!