Saturday, 15 December 2007

Quinoa, Perenial tomatoes and Delicious dishes

Hi All!

Its almost winter season and we still mantain our tomatoes blooming, although very slowly and spending the nights indoors and days outdoors. Today we bring you photos of some interesting herbs we use for medicine purposes, a faboulous ornamental eggplant, and even quinoa growing!

Lately there is plenty of lettuce on our balcony, nearly 10 containers of them, tasty nhami! spinach, peas, turnips, two beautiful kohl rabi and some starting celery and florence fennel. Everything with absolutely no chemicals. Solely a plastic covering the icy frost these last days, lol!

We have currently ongoing a biodynamic experiment to once for all evaluate the effect of moon cycle on seed sprouting. Very clearly, seeds sprout much better during full moon than moon and some of them (mostly leaf vegetables) during watery moon signs and radish during the passage of moon on earth signs! It's true, I watch it!

Secondly, we are growing carrots in 80% sand soil, mixed with horsetail (which increases silica contents in soil) to see whether the plants will grow longer roots, as they do in their native very sandy soils.

Garden perspective


Equinacea, a good medicine herb for colds

Delicious meal with pumpkin, fennel, garlic, leeks, peppers and aromatic herbs such as cerefolium

Eggplant, still growing as we enter winter. 

Hey, did you know eggplants and tomatoes are not annuals, but actually perennials that thrive and grow into next year if protected from the cold weather!