Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Urban Permaculture Homestead

Peas pots and cabbages of the neighbourhood

Brocculi and oregano. Green cover of the soil

Spring flowers section and a small pot of different thymes

Chick peas, lentills/radishes and turnips

Several aromatic and medicinal herbs

Perspective from balcony with compost and peas on left side

Small carrots and a garlic and strawberries to the left

I decide to implement some news on the blog. I had some ideas on my balcony yard. Starting by thinking of saving the run-off of water from the pots after watering them (there are already containers to catch litters of rainwater). Second, maybe create a protection above and aside the tops from hard rains and winds. And maybe even create a bed of soil and plants on the balcony itself. But first I set to create more trust and link with the onwer that rents us our student house. I also thought of asking him to cultivate a little bit of his medium size yard into which we have no access (but he provided us already some soil and extra fruits from it). Other ideas I had were to put a filter on the tap water (to make it more cleaner and reduce its flow), buy a solar pannel (its quite expensive for my pocket but maybe this year I'll give a try), to create natural soap from ashes and saponaria plant (as an alternative to the one created from sodium lye and olive oil). I shall say that this week I was greatly inspired by Path to Freedom and Plants for a Future projects!

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