Sunday, 15 April 2007

On the arms of Mother Nature

It is naive to assume mulching solves all problems related to fast drying of soil in our container gardening. It is also naive to assume that our self-sufficiency is so assure and so easy. Well, although beautiful I still feel I have to listen more and more to the rhytmus of nature as permaculture often states.
Its beggining to become a very warm dry spring and container gardening needs watering nearly every day. After a weekend and a small period out, and strong ways of avoiding drying are needed. I arrived today after weekend with several plants wilted. I will put more plants in more shadow conditions, and arrange them in a way that some will provide shade for others (and even using materials such as cardboard for shading)
I feel happy so many things unknown.
I feel like a little child on the arms of Mother Nature. :-)

Path to Freedom, a very curious urban self-sufficient familiar project, puts water saving coming with very smart solutions. Please read Water wise ways

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