Monday, 4 May 2009

Our garden growing, growing...

Tiger nuts, delicious edible tubers, with flavour like almonds

These are real peanuts, or better, the plant that produces them!

Look at this organized food/flower garden! Carrots, petunas, swiss chard and lettuce.

The queens of the garden: aquilegias and penunias

Fuchsia and alium fistulosum (back and left)

Click to see (peas, squash, asters, jerusalem artichokes, geraniums, tomatoes)

The shadow site of our food/flower garden

The sunny side... (plenty of broccoli, grown in raised beds, edged by tagete flowers)

A detail... (always well-mulched compost-rich soil)

Petunias, aquilegia, rucula, carrots... the mix is perfect

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