Saturday, 9 October 2010

10 October 2010 - a day to take action

Tomorrow it's a day to take action.

All around the world, plenty of people will be taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet which damages the environment.

Go to to join iniciatives near you!
There will be plenty of them! And funny ones!

Join to start taking action in your house!

1. Use less airplanes
2. Reduce heating in winter, cooling in summer
3. Change to energy-efficiency appliances. Go solar
4. Drive less. Use bike or public transports
5. Eat local, organic and less meat
6. Consume less. Buy second hand
7. Recycle always. Make less trash
8. Save food
9. Save water
10. Did all above? Please feel more happy!

It's a global grassroots movement.

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