Monday, 15 April 2013

Permaculture in Iceland - Videos

This is March 2013 and its snowing heavily outside in south Iceland. In this video we will see how we are growing seedlings indoors to later plant out. We have a wide variety of annuals and perennials: first hugelkultur indoors: peas, millet, spring onions, pak choi; bamboo; followed by siberian pea shrub, hulless oats, lima beans, broad beans (fava beans) (also planted outdoors, under plastic and snow), avocado, radish, cowpeas, kale and perennial broccoli 9 star, and oca.

In this video we will see: tiger nuts, winged beans, galangal (thai ginger), broccoli, indigo root (blue dye), groundnuts (edible roots), amaranth, peas, millet (a drought tolerant alternative to corn), chenopodium paudicaule (non saponin type of quinoa), asparagus, neem (natural insecticide), okra, siberian tomato, rocotto chili pepper, luffa, corn salad, rocket salad, spring onions, walking onions and leeks, rye, jícama, passionfruit, chilean mesquite, date palm, teff (drough tolerant cereal), oca, siberian apple, silverberry (elaeagnus), pigeon peas, moringa (dormant), tiger nuts, runner beans, princess tree, mulberry, honey locust (dormant). Also a short explanation about our outdoors cold frame.

Videos were done in March 2013.

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