Sunday, 8 March 2015

An edible food forest in Portugal - "Benjamim garden"

Over the past few months, changed have happened, and I have left the life I had in Iceland and moved back to Portugal.

Much warmer climate, much better possibilities to grow my own food smile emoticon

Five days of work and we have created our swale, raised bed, with about 30 species of edible plants, some aromatic or medicinal, many of them perennial, some are nitrogen fixing trees, some are less known edible roots, plus some species in risk of extinction (part of our conservation work, part of our food forest). Abundance and sustainability!
  • medicinals like angelica, valerian, marshmallow, burdock, comfrey and berberis
  • aromatics like scots lovage, wormwood, wild garlic and calamus root
  • annuals like miners lettuce, siberian kale, chioggia beets, durum wheat and quinoa
  • permaculture trees like leucaena, honey locust, eleagnus, casuarina, date palm or princess tree,
  • endangered species like jubaea chilensis, clianthus puniceus and dendroseris litoralis, 
  • edible perennials like good king henry, yacon, chinese artichokes, skirret, perennial rye and perennial leeks.

Swale and raised bed. Many edible species planted. An edge of garlic and wormwood will deter any pests. Comfrey nearby. Also many nitrogen fixing species. Perennials like good king henry, chinese artichokes, yacon, perennial leeks and perennial rye. Medicinal herbs too. Hopefully abundance will follow

Happy smiles after half of this bed/swale completed. More to follow smile emo
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