Friday, 25 November 2011

Permaculture advices: Unusual roots

Some less common roots:
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Garlic mustard, alliaria: horseradish substitute
  • Greater burdock, arctium lappa: boil as vegetable
  • Pleurisy root, asclepias tuberosa: lung tonic
  • Red valerian, centranthus: for soups
  • Chicory: coffee substitute
  • Tiger nuts: dessert/coffee
  • Gentiana lutea: bitte tonic
  • Bog bean, menyanthes: edible root
  • Oca, oxalis tuberosa
  • Evening primrose
  • Common reed, oenathera
  • Chinese artichoke
  • Dandelion: coffee substitute
  • Trapaeolum tuberosum
  • Reed mace, typha latifolia, boiled or grated vegetable
  • Skirret
  • Yacon (very high yields, grow in warm climate, but survive some cold)
  • Sweet potato
  • Air potatoes (warm climates, tubers grow in branches)
Come later, as more species will be added in soon.

Oca is a peculiar and colorful tuber from South America

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