Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Permaculture advices: water plants

Plants that favour a damp or wet environment. We can find several of these where we currently live in Iceland due to the wet climate, and peat soils.

A wetland for greywater treatment could consist in a first tank where sewage from a settlement tank flows in a tank filled with coarse gravel, and topped by fine gravel and sand, and Phragmites australis. The water sinks and at the bottom flows into another downstream tank, with aeration pipes, and Iris pseudacorus growing in that water, Clean effluent flows at the bottom.

First we list plants that grow in wet meadows and banks, then plants that grow around water edges, and finally plants that grow in the water:

  • Butomaus umbellatus, wet meadow
  • Meadowsweet, medicinal and aromatic, wet meadow, grows in Iceland
  • Blueberries, wet meadows, grows in Iceland
  • Pulicaria dysenteria, wet meadows
  • Ranunculus ficaria, wet banks
  • Giant rhubarb, rheum alexandrae, wet banks
  • Hemp agrimony, wet banks
  • Eucatorium purpureum, wet banks
  • Geum rivale, wet banks, grows in Iceland
  • Iris pseudacorus, wet banks
  • Liatrus spicata, wet banks
  • Lycopus europaeus, wet banks
  • Lythrum salicaria, wet banks
  • Soapwort, soaping plant, wet banks
  • Bistort, wet banks or edges, grows in Iceland
  • Angelica, wet banks, aromatic, grows in Iceland
  • Valerian, wet banks, powerful medicine for sleep, grows in Iceland
  • Levisticum, lovage, tasty aromatic herb, wet banks
  • Juncus, water edge
  • Acorus calamus, water edge
  • Scirpus, bulrush, water edge
  • Water mint, mentha aquatica, water edges
  • Tiger nuts, tasty edible tubers and grows in water edge
  • Veronica beccabunga, water edge or surface, some veronica species grow in Iceland
  • Caltha palustris, water edge and surface, grows in Iceland
  • Water cress, water edge or surface
  • Salix, willows, trees that grow near water edges, grows in Iceland
    • Water hyacinth, water surface
    • Lemma, water surface
    • Walfia, duckweed, water surface
    • Water lily, nymphae tuberosa, water bottom or surface
    • Water chestnut, edible, grows from water bottom
    • Common reed, phragmites communis, shallow water
    • Wild rice, zizania aquatica, shallow water
    • Althea officinalis, salt marsh
    • Menyanthes trifoliata, bogbean, acid bog
    • Myrica gale, bog myrtle, acid bog
    • Sphagnum moss, acid bog or wet woodland
    Some more edible plants that grow near water will be added in soon.

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